On Law Enforcement

We are so fortunate to live within a district in which our law enforcement officers are second to none, but we cannot just be satisfied there. We must protect and provide for their well-being.

  • We must continue to work together with local law enforcement to ease any existing burdens that prevent them from carrying out their respective duties and equip them with the tools they needs to keep our communities safe.
  • We need to pursue a joint effort with county commissions, city councils, and the legislature to provide adequate funding and incentives for departments and officers.
  • We need to fight for appropriate prison reform before a federal mandate is bestowed upon Alabama. Prison reform addressing the overcrowding will allow for more workforce training within the prisons in order to introduce individuals back into society as productive tax paying citizens.
  • Finally, our law enforcement officers are faced with new rising issues dealing with mental health. We want to provide law enforcement with a solution and the resources to help the families in need -- not a “short term solution to a long term problem.” The goal is to encourage those in need to reach out for help, have the resources in place, and allow law enforcement to act without uncertainty.
Garlan Gudger for Alabama State Senate District Four